Little Lambs Early Learning Center

A Weekday Early Childhood Education Ministry of Good Shepherd United Methodist Church


Meet Our Staff

Director of Preschool Ministries:

Cindy Kirby

Assistant Director Terry King

Picture of Jessica Waggoner

Jessica Wagoner-Financial coordinator

Floater-Martha Crutcher

Preschool B teacher-Ashley Romain

 Infants teacher-Cassie Theriot

One's Teacher: Alyssa Owens

Two's Teacher-Aubrie Sircy

                                                                                                      Pre-k teacher-Daphne Slunaker

Floater: Riley Armstrong


As a ministry, our mission is to nurture the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of all children we serve. This will be achieved through a welcoming environment, excellent supervision, developmentally appropriate activities and pleasing interactions. We will aim to teach the whole child and provide children, families and employees with the tools needed for future success. We will strive to offer opportunities for parents to work and engage with their children and facilitate the growth and training of those who teach the children.